Activities designed to observe the wildlife of our mountains and in the Natural Park of the High Pyrenees, outside zoos. We go into their habitat, look for traces and remnants, hear the sounds found in nature and will dive to the discovery of these emblematic species.

The forests of the brown bear

This activity is a part of the network of trails for monitoring brown bear, in the Natural Park of the High Pyrenees as a part of the project  PirosLife, to enter the habitat of this species in all its elements. Half day activity adapted to anybody.


The roar of the Deer

We guide you to observe and listen the spectacular heat deer with incessant attempt to attract females, from a place that enhance observation without damaging their peace.

Fauna observation while it's getting dark

Walking in an area completely away from the crowds where to look for the presence of deer and other species, down to light middle to enjoy nature at dusk.

Prices of activities are: 

From 12 years old


6-12 years old


3-5 years ole

20€   15€   10€

 The prices for groups of more than 10 people:

Each guide


Each person


 150€   15€  
250€   25  



Despite the fact that the animals are always here, we can't always observe them. But Obaga will give you a great experience into nature

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