Walking under the light of the Full Moon, we will reach a place with a wide view of the sky where we will have a picnic with cheeses, sausages, wines and desserts from our area, so you know the quality of the products made in our Pyrenees area.

There we will hold an astronomy session where we will observe the constellations, the stars and talk extensively about the moon.

The guided route is through the area of the National Park of Aigüestortes and Estany de Sant Maurici or the Alt Pirineu Natural Park, we want to see the moon rise from a spectacular place, where we contemplate the illuminated Skyline.

Throughout the tour we will make different explanations about the natural environment, the nocturnal fauna, we will try to listen to their sounds and hopefully we will see some animals.

A unique and magical feeling to walk in the twilight and at the beginning of the night.



- 12 YEARS 


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