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Flowers and butterflies

The summer season gives us a window to discover the landscape with a great variety of colours.

Flowers and butterflies is an activity to introduce the main features of the butterflies and the most amazing flowers, and at the end we prepare a medicine for you.

Our activities bring us astronomical knowledge and interpretation of the night sky. Learn how to identify constellations with our own eyes andthen with a telescope to observe the main deep sky objects, while we taste some liquor of the Pyrenees. This experience mixes the culture and science.

We have two portable telescopes and additional materials that we need to develop the activity anywhere you want. The activity is always diferent bacause it depends on the season or the moon

  • Port de la Bonaigua
  • Esterri d’Àneu
  • Espot
  • Anywhere

Who has not been amazed by such immensisy and ignorance?

Enjoy the Pyrenean skies


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From 12 years old


6-12 years old


3-5 years old

 With telescope

  15€   10€   8€

Without telescope

  10€   8€   5€


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We offer a proposed itinerary throughout the four seasons of half day or full day, touring through the most emblematic National Park and Natural Park.

In the National Park of Aigüestortes and Sant Maurici lake

  • St. Maurici, Ratera lake and viewpoint of lake.
  • Valley of Monastero.
  • Valley of Subenuix.
  • Portarró d’Espot.
  • Silver fir forest (Mata de València and Cabanes Valley)
  • Colomers

In the Natural Park of the High Pyrenees

  • Bacivé Lakes.
  • Bonabé and Salau pass
  • Estaon valley
  • Virós forest.
  • ...



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We prepare for you excursions depending on your needs.


From 12 years old


6-12 years old


3-5 years old

1/2 day

  20€   15€   10€


  35€   25€    

Groups of more than 10 people::



Each guide


Each person


1/2 day

  150€   15€  


  250€   25  


Let guide you

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The winter is long in the Pyrenees, the days became shorter and temperatures decrease. However we snowshoeing on the white landscape. The feeling of stepping away from the crowds of snow ski is one of those experiences that you will always remember.

Hiking with snowshoes is a proposal to go through these places with a quiet and easy way. We offer proposals all day, morning or short to everyone, from beginners to the experts, families with children or those looking for a more technical mountain route.

  • National Park of Aigüestortes and Sant Maurici Lake (and the buffer zone)
  • Natural Park of the High Pyrenees
  • Val d'Aran

A different way to enjoy nature

The prices are:



From 12 years old


more than 12 years old


National Park (including 4x4)

  35€   30€  

National Park / Natural Park / Beret

  30€    25€  


The price includes the rent of the snowshoes and the sticks , and the taxi in case you come to the National Park

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